My Story

The short version: Teacher, photo lab technician, photography hobbyist, world traveler, crossword addict, foodie.

The longer version: I always loved art. When I was a youngster, my Crayola box, colored pencils and water color tray were my treasures. As long as there were lines to guide me and coloring books to fill, I was a blooming artist. Without them, I was lost. Fast forward to my first year of teaching. A friend sold me my first camera, a Mamiya 35 mm. I was totally hooked. If art were not in my future, I would become a photographer. I started with black-and-white film. I made a black-and-white lab in my little cottage, employing my closet to load film and my bathtub for my chemical trays. (This was fortuitous, because years later I was able to use the skills to get a job in the photo lab of a major weekly magazine.) Photography became an essential element in my classroom. Over the years, my classes learned how to make a pinhole camera (science), learn how to use a 35mm camera (life skills), and mat and frame their photographs (mathematics). One school year, with the help of the magazine’s writers and photo editors, one of my classes was able to publish their own magazine. A highlight of my burgeoning interest in photography was taking a class with the renowned portrait photographer, Phillippe Halsman. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I was unable to pursue my interest in portraiture.

There is a quote by John Muir seen on many t-shirts, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” No, it’s not just the mountains; it’s all of Nature. The inexorable pull of Earth’s beauty has beguiled me for decades. Whilst wandering amongst the mountains, forests and seashores, the opportunity to bring a portrait of a place is a moment that can never be replicated. And sadly, places I have visited and photographed will never be the same again. Bringing that experience to others plays a major part in my photography. (An aside: many friends comment that they live vicariously through my photography.) Happiness is to enter a friend’s home and see an individual photograph, or in some cases, a gallery of my photographs on their walls. I invite you to see the world through my eyes via my website: www.harveymaiselphotography. You can search through the galleries and make a photo your own with just a few clicks.

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